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Thursday, 12 October 2006 10:00

Our innocent, kind and sweet Ellie Shoal Potvin (a twin), at six years old was diagnosed with Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer in her lower pelvic region lungs.   On July 2nd 2008,  her Mother found a hard lump in Ellie's pelvic area while powdering her after bath time.  With great fear for Ellie, her parents rushed Ellie, bundledin a blanket, to the ER at 10:00pm.  Only 4 hours later, at 2:00am their lives had forever changed, as their first-born twin daughter was tragically diagnosed with Cancer. 

Ellie Mother said,

"I can remember the moment vividly, like watching a horror movie in my head.  I can hear the Doctors voice, see the look of helplessness in my husband’s eyes, feel the sheer fear that screamed in my mind and shuttered through my body.  I struggled to not fall down while I tried to wrap my mind around this unbelievable diagnosis.  It was at that moment in time, or Lord no longer walked beside us, but lifted my entire family in his loving arms and began to carry us.  I thank each and every one of you for all the prayers and support you are sending us throughout this heartbreaking time in our lives. For I know, alone my legs are to weak to stand and my heart to broken to beat by it.  You all are lifting our family and my precious Ellie.  Each day I wake up and wonder was this just a terribly vivid nightmare? Then I realize, no this is one of life’s many twists and turns.  

Our family’s sole mission and purpose is to care, support, love, bring joy and treat our Ellie to heal her of all cancer and save our beloved daughters life.  We ask first and foremost ask for your continued prayers.  We have also created the "Lift Up Ellie Fund" to assist with our family's medical bills over the next couple years.   Only 40% of children survive, of the 350 kids, who fight Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer each year.  We thank you for your donation toward the “Lift Up Ellie Fund.”  We are grateful to all of you for your prayers, support, compassion and love for our family.  Ellie's twin sister is Grace; they are best of friends and rarely leave each other’s side. 

They sleep in the same bedroom, they wear each other’s clothes, they play with each other’s toys and laugh and cry together.  They are individuals, but attached in spirit since birth.  Cancer does not only affect Ellie, but hurts everyone in her circle. Our Ellie was perfectly happy, energetic, tanned and appeared healthy... not a symptom but a dull leg ache for the last few months. What was dismissed for growing pains was the ugly tumor growing silently in her lower abdomen pressing on the nerves in her left leg.  Our loving family asks for your prayers for God to heal our Ellie.  We do need a miracle.  Ellie began her cancer treatment on Saturday, July 5, 2008.


Ellie's Diagnosis:


Rhabdomyosarcoma is only 3% per year of all pediatric cancer diagnosis in the United States.  There are only 350 of rhabdomyosarcoma new cases occur each year The prognosis for children with cancer depends, to a large extent, to the cancers stage.  Ellie’s had stage 4 cancer (highest risk.) At initial diagnosis, Ellie's 5 year survival rate is generally around 25%.  

It was after 10 months of chemotherapy and radiation that Ellie obtained remission the summer of 2009.  In less than 3 months, Ellie relapsed in September of 2009.  At this critical time of treatment, Ellie had less than a 10% chance for survival.   A second protocol of chemotherapy was started in October of 2009 and in less than 30 days the treatment failed to shrink the cancer tumors.  In November of 2009 the CAT scan showed the cancer had now spread back into her lungs.  After flying to MD Anderson, a third chemotherapy protocol was started and failed to work over the next 30 days.  On December 28, 2009 the Oncologist's told Ellie's parents that she had 4 weeks to live based on the aggressive tumor growth in her lungs.  Ellie began on December 30, 2010 an intensive combination of chemotherapy treatments.  For less than 3 months the tumors shrunk.  In mid April of 2010 the Oncologists sent Ellie home to die.

Ellie's bright spirit continued to sparkle with life.  She focused on living each day to the fullest, not matter the cancer growing in her body. In great hope Ellie began alternative therapy to rebuild her immune system to fight off the cancer. Beyond the Oncologists expectations, Ellie lived for 2 more months.  It was only in the last 2 weeks of life that Ellie's bright spirit began to fade.  This is when a transformation of mind and spirit began and Ellie prepared for her flight to heaven.  Ellie's body deteriorated quickly on earth the last couple weeks. But, a beautiful healing began in heaven for Ellie to enjoy in all eternity.  Ellie's journey and battle against cancer was journaled by her mother on caringbridge. 



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