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Newsflash "Lift Up Ellie"
Thursday, 12 October 2006 00:25

In honor of Ellie’s fight for her life, as well as her gift in "specializing in kindness" we have created the "Lift Up Ellie Fund."  Ellie's kind giving spirit  touches everyone she meets and her sparkly eyes are full of life and love for the world.  She has great lessons to bring to others during her lifetime on earth and we pray for God to keep her safely with us for many many more years!

The mission of the “Lift Up Ellie Fund” is to support the family's enormous expenses while they fight to find the cure and heal Ellie of all cancer.  Cancer effects not only the patient, but is a devastating illness that deeply touches the entire family.   We thank you for your generous contribution to help ease the financial burdens placed on Ellie’s family during the next 5 years.   Your donation will allow her parents to provide the best, most cutting edge, medical and holistic treatments available in the world.  As well, as allow her mother, Amy Potvin, to remain by her bedside and care for Ellie as the Full-Time Nurse, Home School Teacher, Caretaker and Mother.  The quality of Ellie's life is the most important thing to the Potvin Family. They cannot control the years left to adore their beautiful child and hold her in their arms. But they can, with your support, give Ellie the best possible days and medical treatment to rid her small body of all deadly cancerous cells. 

From the bottom of their heart, the Potvin Family thanks everyone for caring to support their daughter through prayer, letters, e-mails, cards, packages, volunteer work, fundraisers and donations.

 Together "We are in it, to win it!"

WCNC - Valentine's Day Wish
Tuesday, 10 August 2004 06:30


Classmates send Valentine's Day wish to "Lift Up Ellie"

by NewsChannel 36 Staff
Posted on February 12, 2010 at 2:56 PM

Full video: Students send get well wish to Ellie



At the age of 6, Ellie Potvin was diagnosed with stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer, a very rare childhood cancer.  Ellie is now 8 and is spending her Valentine’s Day

in the hospital for another round of chemotherapy.  Ellie is a student at Endhaven Elementary School.  Her twin sister Grace and classmates sent Ellie a Valentine’s Day

message Friday.  All of the girls wore pink while the boys dressed in red.  They held up a homemade sign saying “We Love Ellie” with Grace holding the red cardboard

heart that she made for her sister.  Only three percent of children in the United States have Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer. Out of the 350 children total diagnosed per year,

only 175 children have a survival rate past five years.  To learn more about Ellie and follow her journey, visit "Lift up Ellie".  Girls in Ellie’s class were all wearing headbands,

 donated by Bella Tunno. Bella Tunno, located in Charlotte, has partnered with Ellie and Grace to create a reversible headband that reflects their personal style - Ellie's side

is hot pink camo - wild and experimental. Grace's side is bright repeating stripes - pretty and conservative.  By purchasing this headband, others can join Ellie, and her family

in their battle against cancer.  One hundred percent of the proceeds are donated to the Ellie Potvin Fund to help with Ellie's treatments and the family's financial needs. 

To purchase a headband go to htpp://www.bellatunno.com.