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July 4, 2008 - A Mother's Prayer


E-mail sent out on July 4th, 2008...

From this e-mail thousands of prayer warriors from around the world joined together to support

Ellie's fight against cancer - "In It, To Win It!"


Dear My Cherished Family, Friends, and to all the Believers of Miracles and Prayers:

Today is Friday July 4th 2008. As you watch the fireworks light up the sky tonight, please

think of the beauty of Gods Blessings to enjoy this special time with your friends and family.

Truly celebrate more than Independence day - but your days on earth to feel love, give love and

make a difference through the small acts of kindness that can change a life forever.

Let my story be a reminder of how to cherish your family everyday and to never forget today

is a blessing and tomorrow has no promises. But if we live fully today with full heart and joy

and remember to be thankful of our blessings then we will live more than most people do in an entire lifetime.


My 6 year old daughter Ellie (a twin) has stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer in her trunk, leg and lungs.

I found a hard lump in her lower pelvis only 2 nights ago while powdering her sweet body before bedtime.

At 10pm we rushed her to ER and by 2am our lives had changed forever with the news that my beautiful

first born had cancer. We were sent by ambulance to the CMC Levine Hospital in Charlotte at 2:30am.

My poor Ellie was perfectly happy, tanned and healthy. Not a symptom but a dull leg ache for the last

few months. What we dismissed for growing pains was the ugly tumor in her upper leg.

We ask for your prayers for God to heal Ellie. We do need a miracle. I am trying to live sec by sec to get

through this for her and will remain by her bedside. I sleep in her bed and my job is to give her as much

love and hope and ease her fears, as I give her truly the best days possible left on earth. I am not a

doubter of miracles, but this is a mean duplicating cell that thinks it is a muscle/tissue cell and going

wherever it thinks Ellie needs it ~ then duplicating like crazy. Her grapefruit size tumor is to large in

muscle and unstable in form to take out, Pieces will break off. We need to shrink harden and then l

ater see how to handle. I have not received a final prognosis. But this is what I am told they believe ...

only 4-8% of cancer of this type ... And 50% live for 5 years. Depending on grade of cancer.

This is what we should expect.... she should respond to treatment and the the tumor will shrink and

for one year Ellie will be on a vigilant chemo and radiation therapy

taking her in and out of the hospital weekly.


But here is where we have to wait it out.... it is the next 1-3 years where 50% of these cancer

children have the cancer come back in different or the same areas and where their is no longer

a response to treatment. Hence, their young lives are cut short. Tomorrow Ellie will begin her treatment and

in 6 weeks we will look at response to date.

As you would understand I am devastated for Ellie as well as her adorable twin sister Grace, for they have

been one since birth and the very best of friends.  We are just speechless and I am angry, horrified, grief

stricken and so much more. I thank you all for your ongoing prayers. Feel free to pass on to anyone you feel

is willing to support our prayers.

At 10:00pm tonight I ask all those who can to simply bow your head in prayer and may the power of our

voices in unison allow God to hear my prayer as a Mother.

My prayer to you is this...

Dear God,

You have blessed me and Tim with a daughter that we call Ellie Shoal Potvin. We understand
Ellie is only on loan to us on this heavenly earth and when you want her back you have the right to take
her into the heavens and hold her in your arms. I am so thankful to you for allowing me to give birth to
my two strong and healthy babies on October 31, 2001. This was truly the most joyful day of my life -the
gift of motherhood. For I understand some are not even as blessed as myself to know this feeling of
joy through your child. Her smile alone and the sparkle in her eyes, the soft sweet voice calling Mommy
has filled me in a way that I cannot explain -and I have you God to Thank.

I can understand why you would want her with you -

She is special and very kind, patient and trusting. As she says to me 'Mommy I specialize in being kind.'
What child says that?

Only a child that you would create. I pray that you hear me now. Lord, My Heavenly Father, please send
Ellie the miracle of healing and allow her to share her beauty, kindness and love with others on your earth.
Ellie is needed here on earth more than with you. Ellie's work is not done here, she needs to be here with
us to spread your joy and to act as proof of your power. I am here by her side to and will walk through
the pain and fears she will be faced with -but I will be strong for her and for you.

I ask that you give my family the strength to feel the power of your presence and calm our aching hearts.
For I am angry, I am scared, I am devastated and at times I am numb.

But with your ability to wrap your arms around my family and to care for us as we care for Ellie we can
together heal our earthly and heavenly daughter Ellie Potvin. I beg of you. I thank you for sending me so
many people into my life to show Ellie how much they love her and hold my family up when all we want to
do is fall to the ground and beat our fists. Please know I do not ask why me... I already know that answer.
It is called life. I want to ask why Ellie?

But I have let that go. But I do ask for a miracle that only you can do.
For Ellie is meant to be with my family on this earth to share your joy
with others. In your name and your name only I praise you and ask
you for this miracle. Our lives are forever changed by this experience
and we give it you. But beg for the miracles you are known for giving,
should this be your decision.



Anyone who would like to send Ellie an email. Please send her a message on this link. 

She knows she has Boo Boo inside of her and that it ismaking her sick. She understands the hospital is a place 

she will be in and out of, but she has no idea what is to come. That will come day by day and we will get through this hour 

by hour. Together.  We will be here for another 6 -8 days and then go home.  For a year we will have a mix of chemo 

and radiation and be here for treatments every 3 weeks or more. We are still awaiting for the  final treatment plan.

Her life is changed forever and I pray it does not take away that sparkle that she offers and joy she sees in just simply 

living.  It is all of you  that can make her days special to somehow touch her life to ensure a child that is more than deserving 

experiences a full life happiness -no matter how many days that is on earth. 

Let's make it full!


Mailing Address:

9218 Ginhouse Lane, Charlotte, NC 28277

Love and Blessings to you and all you love in this world,
Amy McGee Potvin



Please visit "www.caringbridge.org/visit/elliepotvin"


This journal offers a rare glimpse of a Mother's heart.  She shares openly with the public

a rare opportunity to glimpse into the struggles, heartache, spiritual awakening and blessings

as they battle for their daughters life against a rare cancer.  Cancer is a disease that effects

the entire family. 



Anyone who would like to send Ellie an email. Please send her a message on this link. 

She knows she has Boo Boo inside of her and that it ismaking her sick. She understands the hospital is a pla